If you had been enjoying the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake, then you’ll be pleased to know, that a free DLC will be coming out soon. Here are some of the things that will be expected for this extra bit of content.

The DLC titled ‘The Ghost Survivors’ will consist of three scenarios. They are described as ‘what if’ stories that follow three characters. These characters are almost unrelated to the main Resident Evil 2 cast such as Leon, Claire or Ada. These characters are a Gunshop Owner, the Mayor’s daughter and an unfortunate soldier. Already from those descriptions, you can tell that each mini-campaign will have a very different take and style on the narrative.

Source: Resident Evil Twitter

You can expect plenty of zombies, scarce resources and some pretty frightening areas throughout this DLC. For those who are really into the lore, this is a great chance to play a minor character who was in Raccoon City during the whole incident and see their little side of the story as they treck through the treacherous streets plagued by zombies.

Capcom announced that the free DLC will be arriving on consoles and PC by the 15th of February. If you are still looking for some extra challenges, standby in a couple of weeks for some more zombie survival scenarios. While it is true that the game is out for less than a month, it is pretty exciting that Capcom came in hot with some extra content that is free for all players that own the game.

However, it does make you wonder, what other DLCs may Capcom plan for Resident Evil 2 Remake? Will there be more little side stories of various minor characters or will we see some interesting scenarios of popular characters like HUNK and Ada Wong? Is there a particular type of DLC you will like to see with RE2 Remake?

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