For Honor’s seventh season, Storm and Fury will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the 2nd of August. It brings a huge amount of content and reworks which will be sure to refresh the game to a whole new field.

The season will introduce a new map called the Secluded Keep will be introduced to the playlists; Tribute, Skirmish, Elimination, Brawl, and Duel. The Warden and the Valkyrie will also be reworked with the aim to make them a more competitive choice for players.

The season will also allow a permanent 30% discount on all battle outfits for all the player’s customization needs. Also, a Hero Trial mode will be available for players to test out classes they yet to unlock. This quality of life change will let players have an easier time deciding which class to unlock next for their roster.

Source: Ubisoft

There will be a new update in October called the Marching Fire which introduces a faction with four new classes and a new game mode. The Wu Lin faction, based off China, will contain the Jiang Jun, Shaolin, Tiandi and Nuxia. As with every other class, they bring in unique weapons and fighting styles to the table. With their introduction, this will bring the total count of classes to 22 for the roster.

The new game mode is called Breach; a 4v4 asymmetrical PVP mode which emphasizes more on strategy and resource allocation. The mode will split the teams to an attacking and defending team.

Source: Ubisoft

The Attacking team will be tasked with escorting a battering ram through two phases and then tasked to defeat an AI-controlled boss (basically a raid boss) to secure a win. However, they only have a limited amount of respawns, therefore they must be very prudent about their survival and tactics if they want to win.

The Defending team is tasked with protecting the boss, destroy the ram or kill off the attackers. They have access to a number of traps such as boiling oil or ballistae that are strategically placed for maximum effect. The Defenders can also respawn as many times as they want, giving them room for more aggressive plays.

Additionally, with the new season, all rankings and player progression are reset with the introduction of new ranks (Master and Grandmaster) as well as Reputation levels. Players will be able to discover new legendary gear for more customisation options.

With these massive updates coming into For Honor, would you be excited for Storm and Fury and the Marching Fire?


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