Fe screenshot courtesy of Zoink!

Fe by Swedish Game Developer Zoink! has been nominated for Independent Game of the Year at the Australian Games Awards. Fe is a story about our relationship with nature. It was inspired by Swedish forests and funded with the help of the EA Originals program. Zoink! CEO and Creative Director, Klaus Lyngeled, spoke to Gamers Classified about what it’s like being nominated for an award in Australia and the creative process behind Fe.

To vote for Fe, please click here. Voting closes December 7th 2018 AEDT.


GC: What can you tell us about the creative process behind Fe?

Lyngeled: Fe was in development for many years. It started 5 years ago with Andreas Beijer ( the Game Director) pitching an idea about sneaking up on deers in a forest. A strange little prototype was made. The project  became one of those that we poked at a little here and there, but after several years we felt confident it could be a full project and decided a small team to it. When EA picked it up with their EA Originals program we were able to dive into it with a larger team. I think at most we where 13 people working on it.

Fe has always been about creating an authentic nature experience, to recreate the sense of uncertainty that most of us in the team remember from going out into the forest as kids(we are all from Sweden). You know there is beauty in the forest, and you know there is danger, but what is what? There is something lurking beneath the surface, and you don’t know whether to embrace it or hide from it. But over time, you will start to understand, and make the forest your home. We want you to experience that sense of adventure, of being thrown into a strange world and having to make your own discoveries to make sense of it all. We are inspired by games like Super Metroid and Shadow of the Colossus, which already do wordless storytelling and exploration really well, but we think we’re taking all that in a new direction.


Fe screenshot courtesy of Zoink!


GC: Fe was developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. What can you tell us about this?

Lyngeled: We have been very lucky to actually get support from Creative Europe 3 times now. We must be getting pretty good at writing these applications!  We had it for Fe, Flipping Death and now a new secret project with a working title of Roll them Bones. The support is amazing. It’s usually used to develop prototypes and it helps us take some chances on a bit more risky ideas. In Sweden this is also the only government grant you can apply for, so it’s very important.


GC: What is it like to be nominated for an award all the way over in Australia?

Lyngeled: It’s great! I am personally really fascinated with Australia. I have never been, but it looks like such an amazing nature with so many strange animals.  Fe was developed with a kind of  Swedish forest in mind, so I hope we give the Aussies a new feeling when diving into the forest of Fe.

This is also our first nomination, it makes you think. Does Australians, who also live in a strong nature, effortlessly understand the perspective that the game tries to take?


Fe screenshot courtesy of Zoink!


GC: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Lyngeled: Fe has been a really tough title to develop so getting just a nomination is super rewarding, we really appreciate it! Thank you!

Fe is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, XBox One and Origin. Vote for Fe to win Independent Game of the Year at the Australian Games Awards by clicking here. Voting closes December 7th 2018 AEDT.