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Here at Gamers Classified we all about games but there is another company in the works which aims to be exclusively about games. This company is Exclusively Games which is being crowd sourced via Indiegogo and is managed by internet personality, The Quartering. Exclusively Games is a reaction to what TheQuartering perceives as ‘an undercurrent of political activism’ in games journalism today. He argues that players primarily enjoy games (be they video games, pin ball games, card games, retro games, pen and paper RPGs etc.) to escape and unplug from everyday life. In the video below, TheQuartering states that there are few games news sources which protect the escapism element of gaming anymore and so he is seeking to fill this void with Exclusively Games.

Exclusively Games aims to produce articles, videos and reviews which are about the actual gaming product rather than socio-political commentary. Full details of the project’s scope and funding are on the Exclusively Games Indiegogo page.

The Exclusively Games website will host staff and user generated reviews of games. This review system will not employ a traditional all-encompassing numeric score. Instead, it will employ a review style similar to those used for hospitality or customer service where customers can describe their experience as excellent, good, average or poor. Exclusively Games will classify a game as either ‘play’, ‘pause’ or ‘pass’. ‘Play’ means that the game is worth its price tag. ‘Pause’ means either to wait until the game is on sale or until updates or expansions are released before making the purchase. ‘Pass’ means the game is not worth buying. These scores will be justified with a list of pros and cons for each game. Other users will also be able to rate these reviews and upvote them, similar to the feedback mechanism employed by Reddit.

A screenshot of the Exclusively games website in development. Source: Exclusively Games – Protecting Escapism on Indiegogo.

This is a more informative style of review which helps potential buyers decide if a product suits their needs. For example, if you are buying a Christmas present for your niece, you may find it more useful to know if a game has a storyline which would interest your niece rather than the gender of the game’s Developer. Exclusively Games content will advise audiences if the game is compatible with their console, if it is single player or multiplayer and if it is the latest version. The content will not feature the author’s ideologies or further their political agenda. Exclusively Games aims to focus exclusively on the escapism of games and not function as a socio-political forum.

The Exclusively Games website is currently in development. The design process is scheduled to last until Wednesday 19 December 2018 and should enter the coding phase by Sunday 23 December 2018. The website is anticipated to launch by the end of January 2019 and will initially feature articles and content produced by Exclusively Games staff. User generated reviews will be added in early February 2019. An Exclusively Games app is currently in discussion.

For more information or to support the Exclusively Games crowd funding campaign, please click here. You can also follow this project on social media by using #ExclusivelyGames