EVO 2017

The largest fighting game tournament of the year took place in Las Vegas last weekend. The most notable games included in the massive competition were Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7. It was also interesting to see Injustice 2 make an appearance at EVO 2017. A plethora of announcements were made at the home of fighters including Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta with the inclusion of the character Trunks and a new fighter from the studio that made the Street Fighter EX offshoot. One of the best benefits for attending EVO 2017 (besides the insane fighting game play) was that attendants were given Final Fantasy Dissidia NT beta codes.

Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter 5 title match between Tokido (Akuma) and Punk (Karin) was a treat to watch. Tokido, the long-time Street Fighter competitor managed to escape the losers bracket and defeat the tournament favourite, 18-year-old Punk.


Tekken 7

The final match between defending champion Saint (Jack-7) and JDCR (Dragunov) really showcased the newest installment in the Tekken series. As the Echofox team mates dueled it out, Saint was looking like the early victor. But after an early character change from JDCR (Heihachi to Dragunov), he managed to take a convincing win.

Hearthstone Global Games

Earlier this week StanCifka guided the Czech Republic to a victory over Lovelychook and China in a 3 – 1 series (which you can check out below). While Ukraine, led by Kolento, defeated ThijsNL and the Netherlands 3 – 1. Later this week you will be able watch the last two games of the quarter finals, Mexico vs Korea and USA vs New Zealand. For more information on the Hearthsotne Global Games you can go here.


Overwatch League Logo Challenge from Major League Baseball

The MLB is opposing the new logo from Blizzard’s Overwatch League. The MLB say that the logo for the Overwatch League is too similar to their own. The image below shows the two logos side-by-side. What do you think? Is the Overwatch League logo a soft copy of the MLB’s?


The Overwatch World Cup qualifiers are taking place in Sydney this weekend. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, Australia is kicking of the competition on Friday morning against Italy. If you weren’t able to snag a ticket, you will be able to watch the action right here. Be sure to get there early as it is expected that the exclusive Blizzard merchandise will go incredibly quickly.

OW WC Brackets

League of Legends

Week 6 of the 2017 North American LCS has a 3-way tie for the top of the competition ladder. The three teams are Team Solomid, Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming all with 9W – 3L records. Thanks to the great stats work over at lolesports.com, we can see that Zac and Caitlyn are still the most banned champions in the competition, with Leblanc not far behind them.

And that is the eSports round up! If anyone ever wants to talk eSports you can reach me on Twitter @yeahsurem8. I am always down to chat competitive gaming.

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