Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 and Distant Worlds Logo
Source: MJR

Melbourne will finally host the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert for the first time when it returns for a one-off performance in Australia this August.

After its last run Down Under in 2017 for Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, fans have been eagerly awaiting the orchestral performance’s return.

The sounds of Final Fantasy have been a constant strength for the franchise, with almost every title introducing music that manages to enchant players worldwide.

A Special Tribute to Final Fantasy VII at Distant Worlds

From Uematsu, Mizuta to Soken, Final Fantasy‘s many composers have brought their games to life through their musical talents. And this year’s Melbourne concert will see these pieces of video game music history on show — with Final Fantasy VII receiving a particularly special tribute.

GRAMMY- winning conductor Arnie Roth will be leading the 100-piece Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus. While, Final Fantasy XV‘s composer, Yoko Shimomura will also be making a special appearance at the event. According to the program highlights, Shimomura may help with the performance of her piece: Apocalypsis Noctis.

Distant Worlds Concert, crowd and orchestra
The Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus back in 2017 performed for a sold out show in Sydney.

Like previous performances, Distant Worlds will feature not only music from the franchise but stills and iconic scenes from Final Fantasy that will be set alongside the orchestra during the performance.

The Distant Worlds concert is set for Saturday, 24 August 2019 at Melbourne Arena and if it draws in fans like 2017’s performance at Sydney’s ICC, we could be looking at a sold out show.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, 10 May 2019 and can be purchased through If you want to snap up some tickets before then, you can sign up for the presale here.

You can check out a previous Distant Worlds performance down below: