Nobuo Uematsu

Hold on to your Chocobo-feathered hats friends because the music of legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is back in Australia this year! Not that long ago our shores were greeted by Uematsu for the game franchise’s 25th Anniversary. So naturally, with the franchise turning 30 this year, the whole Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra is back, with Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth conducting, and Uematsu himself in attendance.

This concert tour will mark 30 years since Final Fantasy I was released, all the way back in December of ’87. It goes without saying that the legacy Uematsu’s music has in the industry is close to unparalleled, its imprint intrinsic to every gamer’s memory of their favourite Final Fantasy game. You can imagine the kind of tribute the Distant Worlds’ show-runners are going to put on.

Distant Worlds in Mexico, 2014

Just last year, Square Enix released their most accessible entry in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV. With the game notably selling to a broader audience, there’s never been a better time for veterans and budding fans alike to come together and enjoy the performance. The show is even performing some of XV’s orchestral additions, which should especially excite fans still fresh from their recent playthrough.

If you’re long-time fan, it’s understandable you’re going to go bonkers trying to guess this year’s setlist of songs. “Will they play ‘Don’t Be Afraid?’ They’ve gotta do a battle theme medley. Oh, and what about ‘Someday the Dream Will End?’ from X. Tears, literally, on my face if they play that!!”It’s hard to imagine how a franchise this prolific will have all its individually iconic soundtracks distilled into a 2-hour concert. Any fan who attended Distant Worlds back in 2011 will know how fleeting a concert like this feels, whether it was adrenaline, immersion or they just didn’t get to everything you wanted. With so many classics, its tough to include them all.

Regardless of your tastes and familiarity with the franchise, if Final Fantasy’s music has ever struck a chord with you, this is an event you will not want to miss. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek, with general admission/silver seating starting at $99.85.

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