Earlier today, Disney announced a new streaming service run by them called Disney+ at the Disney Investor Day 2019. Disney+ is planned to have all the Disney Classic movies along with Disney Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars and likely Disney Channel Originals on show. (Within Australia, most of the above are in partnership with streaming service, STAN, so what is to happen to the partnership in the future is currently unknown.) So far, Disney have only locked down a deal to have the service available with Sony and the PlayStation 4, but they are trying to get deals with Nintendo for the Switch and Microsoft with the Xbox One and make this service truly universal. Disney has teased in the past that they are working on a Netflix-like streaming service to include their entire catalogue of work (though I’m sure their earlier, more controversial work – such as Song of the South – will be omitted) to one place in the past, and the Disney+ Project seems to be exactly that!

Source: Disney Investor Day 2019 Recap (Slide 104)

Disney has said they plan to make this service a global project, meaning that we will – without doubt – get access to it sooner of later, but for the first run, it’s likely to be tested in the US alone on the web-based version and on the PS4. This service is sure to be in high demand and a big rival to Netflix, Stan and other streaming services – especially if all Disney content is exclusive to Disney+. With such a large and enjoyable back catalogue of work, it’ll be hard to beat, especially with the ability to enjoy Disney on your Computer, Phone, PS4 – and if all goes well, Xbox One and even Switch, for that portable WiFi experience. If you would like to go through the full presentation, including this unrelated to the Disney+ Service, you can read through the Slideshow recap posted on the Disney Investor Day 2019 Website.