Destiny teases Last Word ahead of The Draw Exotic Quest

Arguably the best Exotic Hand Cannon from Destiny 1 pre-nerf, The Last Word is returning to Destiny 2. The Draw Exotic Quest will begin tomorrow ahead of the Season of the Drifter for players to earn the Exotic weapon once again.

Bungie has released The Last Word trailer in time for the start of the Exotic Quest required to claim it. The Last Word is a revolver type hand cannon that is designed to fire rapidly from the hip. It was a favourite back in the original Destiny and was ultimately nerfed as a result. Many have been excitedly awaiting its return to the game and will be rewarded when The Draw quest begins tomorrow.

If you look closely at the closing scene of the trailer, you may also spot the clue Bungie has planted about the next weapon that may follow. Every Hero needs a Villain, The Last Word being the hero’s weapon. Many fans may notice that it appears to be teasing the return of Thorn. Another Exotic hand cannon from Destiny 1, Thorn fires spiked projectiles. However, it is possible that we may instead be getting something different. Rose, the untainted Thorn, has been rumoured to be joining the arsenal of Guardian weaponry. A weapon we haven’t seen before in Destiny could be a counter to Thorn or even have the ability to upgrade and become Thorn.

Destiny 2 Annual Pass Roadmap
Destiny 2 Annual Pass Roadmap. Source: destinythegame

As there are two Exotic Quests next Season, one is likely to be the Rose or Thorn hand cannon. The other, be it part of the Annual Pass or available as free content, is currently unknown. As we head into February, the Crismon Days event will also be returning before the Season of the Drifter begins. Like the Dawning, this event will include free content for all Destiny players with plenty of new cosmetic items up for grabs.