CD Project Red have released a 48 minute gameplay video for their highly anticipated Cyperpunk 2077. This is the first time the Polish developers have revealed any gameplay since its announcement in 2012. The demo looks like a modified version of the behind-closed-doors exclusive media demo from E3. It shows off some combat, story and open world gameplay details. While the game is graphically stunning, it is the detail in player’s customisation, whether in the players character, abilities or mission pathways, that is truly impressive. PC World labelled the E3 demo, “the most mind-blowing game demo we’ve ever seen.”

Customising V in Cyberpunk 2077. Source: CD Projekt Red

The gameplay video opens with Cyberpunk 2077’s character customisation, introducing players to the protagonist, V. As Gamers Classified reported last week during our coverage of Gamescom, there is no class selection. Instead, the three classes are fluid, meaning players can incorporate elements of the Netrunners, Solos and Techies into their playstyles. This is reminicent of the Deus Ex series, which allowed players to combine skills from various skill trees, as well as CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series, which encourage players to combine magic, swordcraft and alchemy. Once the player finalises their V, they are thrown into her (or he depending on player choice) apartment.

Jackie. Source: CD Projekt Red

This is where the immense detail of the huge open world can be seen. The first person perspective really emphasises each technological advancement. Everything in V’s apartment, such as the outfits she puts on before leaving, impacts how the world will interact with the player. From there, the player meets up with Jackie, who was featured in the E3 trailer, to complete a mission. While the player has multiple dialogue and gameplay options that impact how the mission will play out, it goes horribly wrong in this demonstration. Showing off some of the game’s combat, bullet time is activated through specific cybernetic enhancements, along with control of a spider drone. This highlights how cybernetics aren’t just a narrative point in Cyberpunk 2077, but also a gameplay factor.

Gameplay from a first person perspective. Source: CD Projekt Red

As this is the same demo shown to media at E3 and Gamesom, there isn’t much new that Gamers Classified hasn’t already discussed. For an in-depth look at the E3 demo, and Peter Gelencser’s, Level Design Coordinator at CD Projekt Red, comments, click here. For last week’s coverage of the Cyberpunk showing at Gamescom 2018, with Associate Design Director Kyle Rowley’s comments, click here. For the full 48 minute gameplay video, click here.

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