Over the years, mobile games have steadily amassed strong performances as smartphones improve in leaps and strides. As of 2018, Mobile Games combined revenue has hit at $34.3 billion USD. Let’s take a look at some of the key players to that contribution.

According to a report, the growth, while substantial, had suffered a few setbacks. It lists some major factors including China going through a number of reorganisations which stopped the release of several games for 9 months throughout 2018, and the maturity of mobile games that are established in the West and Japan.

Some of the biggest contributors to the large revenue include Candy Crush Saga, Fate/Grand Order and Pokemon Go with revenue going above $700 million USD. On the other hand, some of the biggest downloads for the year had Helix Jump and PubG Mobile with 380 million and 274 million downloads respectively.

As mentioned before, most countries in the West and Japan had slowed growth, however, many other countries have picked up the slack, with some reaching up to over 30%. Hong Kong stands out in particular as its net revenue has reached over $365 million USD which, relative to most countries, is an impressive standout with its low population size.

Battle Royal games, in particular, has done tremendously well in the Mobile market. With Fortnite leading the charge despite not being released on Google Play and in China. PubG and Knives out are also other Battle Royal games that have done fairly well, though Fortnite is looking to get a mainland China release which may see some massive increase in the already dominating Battle Royal mobile title.

Mobile games will continue to grow as it is perhaps one of the most, if not most, accessible video games on the market. While there was some natural deacceleration of growth in some areas and other issues in large markets like China, it will still keep up the momentum with several countries hitting some pretty impressive growth rates.


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