Cloud 9 announced it had raised $US50 million for the Series B. With this large amount of money at hand, Cloud 9 has laid out a basic outline of what they will do for their various esports team and business front.

Cloud 9 had brought in Antonio Gracias as a new member of the board. He is the managing partner and founder of the Valor Equity Partners that had led this round of investment. This will now mean that Cloud 9 has more room to develop in areas for increasing their self-sustainability and investments into areas such as their esports team training facilities. Other investors that had put in significant amount of money include TrueBridge Capital Partners, Reimagined Ventures and Glassdoor founder Robert Hohman.

Cloud 9 told Forbes that it had intended to establish a training facility for their esports team in Los Angeles. They also announced that they will hire a number of professional support staff such as physical therapist, chefs and sports psychologists to give their team an edge behind the scenes for their coming games. The training facility will also be used to help their candidates or newcomers to the organisation to help gain their feet in the highly competitive environment in each scene.

The organisation also plans to boost their business side as they currently have 35 members running the operations on that head. Cloud 9 already has a strong showing in both the US and UK. They haven’t stated if they will expand further into other regions, but with new plans moving forward for 2019, we can expect greater growth from the esports organisation as they will acquire new teams for new titles and expand their business even further.

Do you have any expectations for Cloud 9 in 2019? Better yet, do you think there will be greater opportunities for not only Cloud 9 but other esports organisations as well?

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