Resident Evil 2 Remake

After a highly anticipated wait, we finally have the chance to see Claire Redfield in action in Resident Evil 2 Remake! Dengeki Online has posted a gameplay trailer featuring Claire battling against a G-Virus mutated William Berkin.

The trailer begins with Claire stumbling across a frightened Sherry Berkin, who is hiding behind some boxes. Claire tries to convince Sherry to come out, but their conversation is interrupted by the gigantic G-Berkin. Most of the five-minute gameplay trailer consists of Claire fighting for survival. She pumps G-Berkin full of handgun and sub-machine gun bullets, but G-Berkin just brushes them off. In desperation, Claire pulls out the iconic Grenade Launcher and fires a round at Berkin. This moment allows the RE Engine to show off its amazing fire effects. But, G-Berkin is a tough cookie and a Grenade Launcher round isn’t enough to stop him. This scene ends with G-Berkin grabbing Claire’s head just before the trailer cuts to black. We can only assume the worst.

In the next scene, Claire and Sherry (spoilers for the previous fight) are cautiously walking through what seems to be the Racoon City Police Department parking lot. After running into a locked gate, a figure hidden in darkness demands that Sherry comes with him. After Claire objects, it is revealed that the shadowy figure is none other than R.I.P.D’s Chief Irons. The trailer ends with Irons pulling a gun on Claire. Being an ass is somewhat of a character trait for Irons.

This Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay trailer finally shows fans the iconic Claire Redfield in beautiful HD as she battles one of Resident Evils most iconic monsters. The graphics and animations in this sequence really show off how beautiful the RE engine can be. G-Berkin looks grotesque and menacing, the fire effects are wonderful, and the gameplay looks tight but intense. Resident Evil 2 Remake is shaping up to be one hell of a good time and I can’t wait to explore Racoon City once again. If you want to know more about Resident Evil 2 Remake, check this out.