Black Armory makes its way to Destiny 2 with the Season of the Forge

With the conclusion of Season 4, today starts a new chapter for Destiny 2. The seasonal reset is upon us and Bungie has let us in on what’s to come in Black Armory.

There will be new base game content available for all Destiny 2 players with each new season. Annual Pass holders will also get access to an extra layer of content come December 5th. First up is the Season of the Forge that will run from December through to February. Events that will be available for everyone include The Dawning Christmas event in December and the Crimson Days Valentines Day event in February. For Annual Pass holders, Black Armory weapons and quests will become available throughout the season. A new raid will also make its way to pass holders in December.

Destiny 2 2019 Seasons
Destiny 2 2019 Seasons. Source: YouTube
So what is Black Armory?

We haven’t seen the Black Armory faction before so this will be a whole new story to delve into. They are esteemed Blacksmiths that craft some of the most prestigious weaponry in Destiny. The Black Armory is made up of three families who each have their own style of weaponry. The ViDoc below introduces us to the Japanese Sniper, French Bow and the Norse Fusion Rifle Exotics.

To begin, we are introduced to Ada-1, an Exo who is tasked with keeping the secrets of the Black Armory. So far, she has kept the forges away from the prying eyes of the Vanguard as she is distrustful of the Guardians. However, we have now been recruited to help her reclaim the remaining forges around the system. To reclaim the forges we must relight them in a three-player activity that matchmaking will be available for. Once lit, players can proceed to make their own Black Armory weapons, including the return of the Heavy Machine Gun.

Ada of the Black Armory
Ada-1 of the Black Armory. Source: YouTube
The Road Ahead

New Triumphs and Seals will also arrive later in the season, complete with new lore for players to explore. Players who own the Annual Pass will be gifted with 1,000 Silver with the start of this season. Every Destiny player will also enjoy a Power Level cap increase of 50 with each new season. This will be important for the new raids that will come out in both December and June. The first of these raids, Scourge of the Past, will drop Guardians into an abandoned section of the Last City and allows for some fast-paced Sparrow action.

There is plenty more new content to come and we look forward to seeing if Bungie can keep up the level of quality that came with Forsaken. Season 5 has begun with the reset today and the Season of the Forge will arrive on December 5th, next week for us in Australia.

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