Battlefront II comes out in just a few days and to promote the launch of the game EA have tried to mash special Battlefront II themed loot into a number of other recent games. This includes mostly various clothing options for their sporting games and a special weapon for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1

In Battlefield 1, if you log in any time before the December 31st 2019 (seriously) you’ll receive a special new melee weapon, the Totokia War Club. Apparently these are an old Fijian club they used to bonk people on the head with, doing serious damage. They were the inspiration for the weapons of the Tusken Raiders, if you were curious of the Star War link.

Fijian Head Knocker

Fifa 18

In Fifa 18 you’ll get some neat Star Wars Inferno Squad inspired clothing, these would be pretty fun if you’d like to pretend for a while that The Empire sent one of their special forces unit to play some soccer. All for the glory of The Empire I guess. This promotion ends on November 28th this year.

I’m just waiting for the Ewok DLC.

NHL 18

Same deal for NHL 18, I like to imagine they sent a host of special forces units to Earth to dominate in a wide range of sports. Here are some photos of the swanky new gear. For this you’ll just have to sign in before October 31st.

Is this a celebration?

NBA Live 18

The gear is also available in NBA Live 18 and this is my favourite I think. That white shirt is something I’d like in real life. This one is only available until November 14th

I like this one the best.

I’m a bit tentative about the release of Battlefront II after the lack of content present in the first one, and the ultra high bar set by the first Battlefront II, and their confusing naming system. However EA have set out to show just how much more content they’re pushing into this game, and while hesitant, I’m finding myself more and more hyped as the days pass. Hopefully it’ll live up to what it promises. My god it’s pretty though.

Simply beautiful.
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