Dragon Ball FighterZ has two new trailers up and running for two iconic characters, Goku and Vegeta, making their way to the roster. If you are a huge fan of Dragon Ball FighterZ, this might interest you or disappoint you.

If you aren’t aware already, these two are completely different characters from their alter forms in the game (like Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta). Each of them would showcase different interactions, move sets and some of their most iconic moves in the anime.

Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer for Goku

Goku had already shown such moves like Kaioken and Spirit Bomb. Vegeta also displayed some moves including his Gallick Gun though disappointingly didn’t show his Oozaru (giant ape) form.

Like their predecessors of DLC characters like Vegeto and Bardock, expect some awesome dramatic endings and beginnings that were taken (and modified depending on the conditions) from the iconic scenes of the Dragon Ball Universe. Some of the expected scenes would include the iconic battle between Base Goku and Vegeta on Earth or when Vegeta or Goku faced Frieza on Namek.

Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer for Vegeta

Now that Dragon Ball FighterZ now has at least one more Goku and Vegeta to the roster, there may be ways for pro players to add and modify their team. As for more casual players, well there is the meme team, much like the triple Goku team (consisting of SS Goku, SSGSS Goku and Black Goku).

While there is still speculation into what the next two DLC characters are going to be, it is no doubt that ArcSys will be selecting very well known characters in the franchise to join with some recognizable scenes. Characters like Cooler or Android 17 each had their own well-recognized scenes in the franchise and some of the fan-favourites to join the roster.

So what characters are you hoping to join the roster in the next DLC? What kind of moves would you hope they would have for their supers or assists?

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