Australian Dollars in the background of the Steam Logo

A new currency is coming to the Steam Store with Australian gamers finally being able to purchase their favourite games without the annoying price conversions.

For years, Australian PC users have only had the option to purchase in USD when using Valve’s game marketplace. However, an announcement recently made on Steam has told gamers that AUD will soon be available on the Steam Store. It has also revealed how this change will be implemented going into the future.

From the post, we know that most games that were previously priced in USD will be available in AUD with developers being required to set an Australian price for their games before the new currency update.

After this, the games will be available to purchase in Australia. However, if developers do not list a AUD price for their game/s, they will not have their game available on the Australian Store until an AUD price is put in place.

Screenshot of Steam Store Page

In a Steam forum post found by PCGamesN, developers were apparently informed that the AUD implementation date would be 21 November 2018. It can also be noted that Valve is encouraging developers to price fairly in AUD:

“Over the past year we’ve found that the proportion of sales in Australia has been 21% higher for top-selling games that price at parity as compared to top-selling games that price above the worldwide USD price.”

For those who currently have US currency in their Steam Wallet, Value says that this credit will be converted to AUD according to the conversion rate at the time.

Kotaku previously did a great breakdown of what this currency change could mean for Australian gamers so make sure to have a read as it addresses the question of whether this change will actually be any better for Australians?

For those who want to take advantage of this update, prepare your wishlists because the proposed change will happen the same day as Steam’s Autumn Sale. The sale will run from 21 November to 27 November.

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