As I reported on earlier last week, while playing as the character Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode, however recent developments on Reddit suggest that the cause of the corrupted data might be the fault of a knock-off Samsung 256 GB MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card. Reports have been flooding in the issue has been occurring with different circumstances, not only using Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode, however, we still don’t have full confirmation.

Nintendo have no officially made a statement saying that they tested for the issue and couldn’t replicate it in game at all, but are doing their best to try and rectify any issues that may arise. It is completely possible that everyone’s save data is safe, with a few brave people testing it out on their switches and also having no problems, but don’t go jumping in just yet until the internet or Nintendo gets to the bottom of it and confirms, without a doubt, that it is safe to do so.

The internet has been investigating since the incident and continue to investigate to this day. With the issues being large enough to reach Nintendo directly, I’m sure the next DLC character and others ongoing to be released will be thoroughly checked tested so this issue does not arise again. Not all Samsung 256 GB MicroSDXC EVO Select‘s have been causing issues, so you might be safe if you bought yours in retail and not online- though, proceed with caution to prevent any problems from occurring.

So far, there have been no other reports on other games being effected by the Counterfeit Samsung 256 GB MicroSDXC EVO Select but if you do own one an think that it might be counterfeit, I suggest removing it and replacing it with another SD Card bought in retail. The YouTuber’s behind Counterfeit also reported on this issue and their thoughts can be found below and be sure to follow the Reddit Thread if you have this card and plan on keeping it in your Switch.