Well I don’t know about you guys, but with just 3 months away until its release date (September 8 ya’ll, three years later after the first release), I am super stoked for Destiny 2! Luckily for you, me and my nerdy face have been keeping up to date with all the latest updates and I’m about to dump it all on you.

So as most of you know, thousands of gamers will be flocking to the gaming event of all gaming events, E3 will of course be the place to be for all Destiny 2 news, not only will they be releasing its new debut trailer there but also the beta release details (to those who have pre-ordered the game). Here’s what Bungie have revealed ahead of the expo.

– So here’s the good and bad news. Bad news, all those long nights spent hustlin’ for that sweet ass loot will forever be lost in Destiny 1; so no weapons, abilities or items will be brought over. Good news though; all your vitals like your class, gender, face, race, etc can be kept as long as you have finished the Black Garden story and your Guardian has reached level 20. So it’s a bummer for some, but it definitely for the better.

– Bungie are really going in depth with design this time, they have put a lot of effort into making the worlds akin to Disneyland by really beefing them up. They are going to be more than just a stopover point to punch out missions or Crucible matches. They have also made it so we won’t have to jump into orbit to trek it to another planet!

– As an alternative, Bungie have made a fresh change in ways of expanding combat in D2. Instead of weapons being classified as Primary, Special and Heavy, they’re classifying them as Power, Energy and Kinetic; we got a little taste during the live stream.

– For me, the greatest news of them all, is that Bungie is making it available to play on PC this time! PC gamers will be able to play it through Blizzard’s Battlenet server (which will be Blizzard’s first non-Blizzard developed game to use the system). My body is so ready.

– The new Arcstrider Hunter subclass (I’ll give more details in the next point) came about last week in Bungie’s weekly update along with all the other bustle from May’s reveal, which includes: the Homecoming story mission, The Inverted Spire strike and the Countdown PvP mode (4v4 will replace the 6v6 for online Crucible matches).

– Sub-classes have been altered, and each with new abilities. The three that we have been able to see with quite a lot of background detail are – the Titan’s Striker, the Hunter’s Gunslinger and the Warlock’s Dawnblade. Although, ever since the gameplay was revealed, two other subclasses were revealed ever so quickly: the Hunter’s Arcstrider and the Titan’s Sentinel.

After being #sohyped to play Destiny 1 when it first came out, I am still getting the same outright hype feels at the release of D2; a game where humans have spread out, terraformed and colonised other planets within our Solar System, and armed with the knowledge that players are matched with other players based on class and abilities, I can say that D2 will definitely ace the last one.

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