Akiisoft and Devolver Digital is bringing a new Samurai platformer game, Katana Zero for the March Launch. Before we dive into what to expect from this game, let’s take a look a the trailer because you need to see it get in with the hype.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this game looks astoundingly challenging and dynamic. Time manipulation, instant death combat and precision seems to be what this game is all about. Every katana swing is crucial, whether it is killing soldiers and hitmen, to deflecting bullets right at the enemy.

On top of that, there are various items you can use for every level. Such as throwing bombs to breach into rooms or prepare traps for unsuspecting enemies. This neo-noir styled game will have you think on your feet as you have to use a multitude of items, rewinds and slows, and multiple well-aimed slashes.

Source: Akiisoft and Devolver Digital

The cool thing about it is that there are multiple ways to approach any level. The devs really pulled all-stops on this game allows players to explore their toolset to suit their strategy for each challenge they face. Whether you want to go crazy with explosives or become a pseudo ninja who kills from above.

Can’t wait for March? PAX South will have some playable demos at the Devolver Digital booth for any eager players to take up the new game. While there is no doubt that it might not have all the features in PAX, it will give you all the juiciness of what to expect from this dynamic platformer.

Source: Akiisoft and Devolver Digital

Most platformers are highly engaging and challenging at the same time. Though they may not boast astounding graphics and voice acting like certain modern games, they make up for its addicting gameplay. Are you excited for this new neo-noir game, Katana Zero?

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