Note: All information used in this article comes from a Twitter thread. Any misinterpretations of the information or bad assumptions on my part are all fault of mine. The full Twitter thread can be found here. Keep in mind that the thread features some 90’s NSFW pixel art. You have been warned.

It was found on Twitter, by Oujevipo / Pierrec et Laureline, that the 1996 French LP – EDEN (by singer, Etienne Daho) also included a Microsoft DOS game in it’s code, hidden away – and seemingly undocumented anywhere else on the internet. The CD was split into two partitions, making use of the Enhanced CD technology that was heavily used in the 90’s to run programs such as visual players or bonus features for the CD from your CD Drive. The game in question, turned out to be EDEN DAHO by developed by Cryo Interactive Entertainment – based off the code for the upcoming game Riverworld. Pierrec goes on to explain how the game has very little documentation on the internet, with only glimpses of the release scattered about.

Source: Pierrec’s Twitter – ‘Uncensored’ on Twitter, proceed with caution

I won’t spoil the plot of the game (which Pierrec goes into detail about in the thread if you’re interested) however, the game seems to play like a first person adventure game with the usual 90’s controls of ‘the mouse changes your camera point and the arrow key’s let you go forward.’ Pierrec goes through the first few moments which seem to mimic Etienne Daho‘s life from what I can gather. This is a very interesting use of the Enhanced CD feature and an amazing discovery for preservationists as we can now tick off another ‘semi-lost‘ video game. A big thank you to Oujevipo for this amazing documentation. As usual, I’m looking forward to any new discoveries by the retro community to bring as many games back to the glory they deserve in 2019.