The newest Team Sonic Racing trailer dropped today, showing off a few features that were briefly talked about in full detail and really promoting what this game has to offer. Team Sonic Racing seems to be a spin off of the SEGA & Sonic All Star, Sonic Riders, Sonic R, and the Sonic Drift series… yeah, Sonic has had quite a few racing series over the years among other genres. This title strongly resembles the latest in the series, but this time is solely focused on Sonic and his friends rather than the expanded SEGA Universe. Team Sonic Racing is set to include 15 characters over 5 teams, including Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Vector, Team Rose, Team Eggman – so quite a lot of variety can be had, especially with the newly announced customization options.

So far, we know about quite a few modes (with the possibility of knowing all available in the game.) Race Mode is your standard campaign mode, which will have you driving through various Sonic the Hedgehog themed locations to end up in first place. Throughout each level, you will also have missions to complete in Challenge Mode.This mode has you complete an objective in the races, though not a lot of information has been given on this mode at this time. On top of all of that, each of the cars seem to be customizable in various ways to improve stats and change the cars general appearance. With all of these things on top of what we already know, not to mention the incredible soundtrack mixing old songs and new along with the help of some well known Sonic composers being involved, it’s bound to be a game chocked full of content, and I can’t wait to see what’s announced next. Team Sonic Racing is set for release on the 21st of May, 2019 for all current generation platforms, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.