The Dreamcast was the last hurrah from SEGA and a great way for them to go out with a bang when they stopped making consoles and started exclusively producing and publishing games. The people behind the amazing Brawler64 decided to take the Dremacast into their own hands and give it a modern facelift while funding their project on KickStarter. If you are interested in a Brawler64, (a re-imagining of the Nintendo 64 controller made for modern gamers to be comfortable – if they have trouble holding the original Nintendo 64 controller) you can order one from the Retro Fighters Webstore right here.

Retro Fighters recently opened a KickStarter for their new Dreamcast Controller to help fund their ambitious designs. The new controller is planned to have a bigger D-Pad, a Cord that comes from top, (the original Dreamcast Controller had a cord from the bottom) Easier trigger accessibility, Compatibility with the Jumpack (for vibration) and VMU (Visual Memory Unit – A Memory Card with a Tamagotchi-like screen) all for $43 USD (Plus Shipping). The concept design looks like a mix between an Xbox One and a PS4 Controller, with two new TURBO and CLEAR buttons. All designs and functions are still in the possess of being finalized and the design concepts may not reflect the final product.

As of this reporting, they have surpassed their KickStarter goal with just under a month to go. Personally for me, the Dreamcast is my favorite console, with it’s controller being my second favorite controller to use (first, being GameCube) but I welcome the community making new accessories and games for the Dreamcast, like they have been doing since it’s demise. I can only speak for myself, but with corded controllers, I do prefer them coming from the bottom (and even if I didn’t, the original Dreamcast controller has notches so you can make it come out of the top) but I know that the Dreamcast controller is par with the N64 controller for ‘most disliked controller’. Either way, I may pick one up on their Webstore after the KickStarter when I have the spare funds.

If you would like to back the KickStarter, you can do so here or if you would like to purchase the Brawler64, you can do so on Retro Fighters Webstore. I wish Retro Fighters the best of luck and can’t wait to see what the community says when their controller gets release to the public, planned in September, 2019.