In a surprising ‘out of nowhere’ announcement, The Pokémon Company just dropped that a special event for Pokémon Bank is now active- and will allow players who still have a valid subscription to Pokémon Bank to receive both Oranguru and Passimian with their Hidden Abilities. Previously, these abilities weren’t made available to use without the use of hacking your game data to access them. These Hidden Abilities truly unlock the pure potential of Oranguru and Passimian for competitive use – and as a bonus, they’ll hold your personal OT Number, making this event (likely, a very nice farewell to the 3DS games and Pokémon Bank as it is right now and it’s) very special for those trainers who still have a valid subscription.

Oranguru will have it’s Hidden Ability, Symbiosis (which passes a consumed item to an ally in a double battle) along with the moves Instruct, Foul Play, Trick Room and Ally Switch – Whereas Passimian will have it’s Hidden Ability, Defiant (which raises it’s stats are lowered in any way, it’s ATK get’s a +2 raise) and has the moves Close Combat, U-Turn, Knock Off and Gunk Shot. This is a great final treat for Pokémon Bank owners – I was lucky enough to still have the service due going for a Complete LivingDex when Sun and Moon came out, so I happened to always renew the service as I completed game after game while collecting Pokémon. If you decide turn on your 3DS, you might as well also redeem the Event Berry Gift through the Mystery Gift menu. That will give you berries that aren’t available in the game by normal means. The Pokémon Bank Event will run for right now up until October 31st, 2019 – so If you are interested in owning one of these prized Pokémon, act now – the the price of admission is a little bit high if your Pokémon Bank subscription has since expired.