The PSVR is Sony‘s attempt at the ever-growing experimental phase for affordable at home VR. From my experience, nothing you see online can really explain how effective the PSVR really is. It might not look impressive at a glance, with it’s slightly grainy screen and especially for any footage you see online – but once you put the headset on yourself, and suspend your criticism of the graphics, you really get sucked into the world. I mainly play horror games in VR, and I promise you, you can almost feel breath of the creatures that loom over you, it’s really something else. 3DRudder have a new controller specifically for the PSVR that allows you to control compatible games with your feet to really bring you into the experience, and if you have experience VR like I have, it’ll certainly be something to heavily consider.

Source: 3DRudder Webstore

This controller is meant to be controlled with your feet, to allow you to progress forward in a natural way (and help your brain make easier connections to the visuals it’s seeing, meaning you have a less likely chance to feel sick while playing in VR) and is certainly something that could extend your play time and increase immersion. The best part about it is it’s non intrusive. Though a giant four-way treadmill would make VR that much more realistic, not many would have the room to store that – in this case, the 3DRudder controller is quite small, easy to store, and you can use it while sitting down – while giving you practically the same experience as a four-way treadmill! (Almost..) The 3DRudder’s Foot Motion Controller is set for release in May of 2019 and currently costs $119 USD (approx $170 AUD) plus shipping, which is dependent on stock at the moment. You can sign up to be on the next batch of pre-orders right here if you are interested in ordering this product.