Source: The Working Lunch

The Working Lunch was founded by Ally McLean in 2018. Gamers Classified regulars may recognise McLean as the Curator of the inaugural NEXT Exhibition at PAXAUS 2018. Both the Working Lunch and the NEXT Exhibition focus on underrepresented groups in the gaming and technology industries. While the NEXT Exhibition showcases games from diverse creative studios, the Working Lunch is a mentoring program which aims to help people from underrepresented groups in Australia and New Zealand enter the gaming and technology industries.

The Working Lunch links experienced non-binary and female mentors with entry level non-binary and female mentees. Ideally, mentees should be looking for their first job within the gaming and technology industries. The aim of this program is to help young professionals develop the skills, confidence and industry contacts for a successful career in gaming and technology. To apply for a role as a mentor or mentee, please click here. Applications are open from now until February 19th 2019.

The 2019 program will run from March to October 2019 and will include workshops, seminars and one-to-one mentoring. If you are interested in the mentorship program but not ready to participate, you can sign up to the mailing list to receive information about one time events. Additionally, you can click here for a free mentoring pack which includes key advice gathered from previous mentors and mentees.

Source: The Working Lunch

The Working Lunch is designed to be a rewarding experience for all involved. 2018 Mentor and Junkee Editor, Rae Johnston had this to say about the experience, “The Working Lunch empowered me. The workshops were welcoming, practical and easy to follow and I love knowing that I’ve contributed to another wave of young women and underrepresented people entering the games industry and media in a wide range of roles.”

Feedback from 2018 Mentees has also been positive. 2018 Mentee and current Native Content Writer for Pedestrian.TV, Stephanie Panecasio said “being part of the working lunch has been one of the most influential and motivating experiences I’ve ever undertaken, and I will forever be grateful to it for teaching me to recognise my own value and potential as a woman in games’.

To signup as a Mentor or Mentee for the Working Lunch, please click here. Applications close February 19th 2019.