With Christmas fast approaching so does the New Year. And for all gamers out there, that means a whole new list of upcoming games to pre-order and play as soon as they come out. Here are a few big titles that we can expect in 2018.

One of the most hyped PS4 exclusives that we have constantly seen teasers and gameplay footage for is the all new God of War. Although not being considered a “reboot” by the games’ director it sure does feel like a fresh and new experience. No longer do we find Kratos entrenched and enslaved in the very mythos and foundation of the Greek gods but is now venturing into the depths of Norse myths and legends. Though the game looks different not only graphically but thematically, developers have assured players that the game will remain to be the core God of War experience fans love.

Another PS4 exclusive set to take the stage next year is the new Spider-Man game. Unlike previous games with the iconic webslinger, this one won’t be linked with any film, comic or even any previous game. This new story aims to cover aspects of not only Spider-Man but also elements of Peter Parker’s normal teenage life. As a bonus players will also be able to control Mary Jane during key moments in the story

On Microsoft’s side we have the highly anticipated and talked about sequel in the Crackdown series – Crackdown 3. Similar to the GTA franchise the game offers a sandbox experience. However, players will find themselves on the good side of the law playing as an Agent protecting Pacific City. But don’t let that stop you from making use of the game’s fully destructible environment as you explore the city

Finally a game that fans everywhere have been asking for a sequel for: Red Dead Redemption 2. Slated for a Q2 2018 release for PS4 and Xbox One, it’s looking to be a game that’ll exceed everything that the first game had to offer. The game is set to be a prequel to the first although we’ll be playing as a different character – Arthur Morgan. Also since it is a prequel there’s a high chance of riding alongside the Van der Linde gang, John Marston’s former crew. We can also expect an enchanced multiplayer experience, one that should be more akin to GTA Online.

There we have it, a small taste of what 2018 has in store. Even with the few listed here, its already guaranteed to eat away much of your free time. What upcoming releases are you most excited for? Are you happy with next year’s line up of games or are you looking forward for the surprises E3 will have in store?

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