Source: Vamoose Co.

Scoffton from Vamoose Co. is nominated for Table Top of the Year at the Australian Games Awards (AGAs) despite not being released yet. Gamers Classified spoke with Gavin Vance from Vamoose Co., who would like to have a word with the prankster who nominated this title.

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GC: What was your reaction to being nominated?

GV: Initial disbelief giving way to mirth that a practical joker out there saw fit to nominate Scoffton for such an award. Given that Scoffton is not quite released yet we found it quite amusing that it was in the running.

Source: Vamoose Co.

GC: Is the artwork for Scoffton inspired by The Simpsons?

GV: Early Groening is certainly one influence on Scoffton’s art. When we decided that Marcus Finlay, the other half of Vamoose Co should execute the illustrations for Scoffton we realised we were going right out on a limb due to a lack of experience and technical knowledge. So 90’s cultural touchstones such as The Simpsons that were easily accessible to us due to our experiences growing up with them as well as fitting the vibe and theme of the game were used.

GC: Did you consider any other names for this restaurant before deciding on Scoffton?

GV: Scoffton. Scoff Town. A physical locale where one may eat gluttonously. I think the name Scoffton came up quite simultaneously with the theme and original inspiration for the game.

GC: What three course meal do you recommend at Scoffton?

GV: Your best bet at Scoffton is to go for the high value for money afforded by any dish containing the most freshly defrosted seafood available, coupled with our delightful soup of the week with bread crammed in and finished with an affogato which is a wonderfully sophisticated dessert consisting of black filter coffee poured generously over vanilla soft serve. What could ever be more delicious?

Source: Vamoose Co.

GC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

GV: I’d like to thank all the fans of Scoffton out there who have supported us through the Kickstarter campaign. I’d also like to thank the prankster who nominated Scoffton for this prestigious award and to let them know I’ll be continuing to make my enquiries…

Vote for Scoffton to win Table Top of the Year at the AGAs by clicking here. Voting ends Decmeber 7th 2018.

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