It looks like Ubisoft might have walked over to the other side of the PC gaming playground after it was announced that the company would be releasing its upcoming title, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, through the Epic Games Store.

When Epic Games released its digital storefront last December, it looked to change the way revenue was distributed to developers with an 88 to 12 split. By offering developers a bigger slice of the pie, the Fortnite developer was on track to be a likely competitor to Valve in the digital distribution marketplace.

Is Ubisoft Leaving Steam?

The Division 2 is scheduled for release on 15 March and it has been confirmed that other titles will be coming to the Epic Games Store this year but at the moment Far Cry New Dawn is still sitting on the Steam Store. Could the company’s recent move be a sign that Ubisoft is testing the waters before switching over completely or could it be just a semi-exclusive game for the digital platform?

Currently, The Division 2 is still being sold on Uplay and its original listing on the Steam Store was taken down earlier today. While the game is set to be released as normal on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this move to the Epic Store means we could be seeing more game releases being exclusive to certain platforms.

Could The Division 2 come back to Steam sometime in the future? (Source: Epic Games)

What Can Epic Offer Ubisoft Over Steam?

Besides the developer revenue split, Epic Games has introduced the Support-A-Creator program. This initiative allows content creators to grab a portion of a game’s profit too and what could be interesting is how this program could affect The Division 2?

To give an overview of the program, fans of Creators who play games on the Epic Games Store will be able to financially support Creator through their own purchases. Creators will also be able to share referral links to their fans, similar to sponsored links on social media, earning revenue from the sales made through those links.

Epic Games is looking to openly support Creators who use their platform and this could be the key to tackling the behemoth that is Steam. While the franchises first iteration-The Division-had a mixed reception at launch, Tom Clancy games are generally picked up by streamers due to their entertaining gameplay. The Division 2 could possibly find more success thanks to exposure through the Creator program.

Only time will tell on whether this move from Ubisoft will be beneficial. At the moment, Epic Games doesn’t have the legacy of Steam, nor does it have the same game catalogue. While only early days, Ubisoft has been one of the first non-indie developers to invest in the platform.

Whether The Division 2 will stay exclusive to the Epic Store is something to keep in mind, as timed exclusives in console gaming have become more popular in recent years. Plus, with Discord now offering their own 90 to 10 split in revenue, we could be seeing more AAA developers moving away from Steam in the future.

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