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Paris Winston (aka Paris Vakarian) is nominated for Social Media God at the Australian Games Awards. She is a video game blogger and is active on Instagram and Twitter. She recently spoke with Gamers Classified about her reaction to being nominated and her fondest PlayStation memories.

Vote for Paris  to win Social Media God by clicking here. Voting closes Decmeber 7th 2018.

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GC: What was your reaction to finding out that you were nominated for this award?

Paris: Seeing that I had been nominated sent me in to a bit of a shock; I had seen so many amazing people share that nominations were open but I never though I myself would be nominated; I’m so touched that anyone took any kind of time out of their day to nominate me for an award! Seeing my own face as I scrolled through the nominations was such a surprise and I’m so honoured to be there.

GC: You’ve listed witchcraft as one of your interests on social media. Is this purely an aesthetic interest or do have a spiritual interest in witchcraft?

Paris: While I am all about the witchy aesthetic, witchcraft for me is first and foremost a spiritual interest! It’s something that I grew up with, with my family, and it contributes a lot to who I am as a person. The witchy aesthetic is a lot of fun, and I do love it a lot as well!

GC: What is one of your fondest PlayStation memories?

Paris:  I have so many fond memories of PlayStation that it’s definitely hard to choose! I could go anywhere from playing Britney’s Dance Beat with my siblings on the PlayStation 2, or to the gut wrenching opening of The Last of Us. Most recently I’ll say the ending of God of War is one that left me in awe; going back home and seeing that particular ending continues to send shivers down my spine!

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GC: Anything else you would like to say?

Paris: I’d like to thank my partner, Dom Hynes, who has been there through many a breakdown that I go through when I can’t get a particular photo just right, for proofreading my captions when I’m unsure if it sounds right, and for understanding my want for things specifically because they’d look really good in an Instagram photo! Of course I also have to thank PlayStation Australia who have been incredibly kind, and supportive of my content over the last couple of years, and to the incredible Instagram family that have helped me, and encouraged me, because they make social media the best place to be.

Paris Winston is active on Instagram and Twitter. Vote for Paris  to win Social Media God by clicking here. Voting closes Decmeber 7th 2018.

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