RTX Sydney 2018 had local indie developers showcasing their games. We spoke with a few of them. Here’s our quick chat with SMG Studio.

Gamers Classifed: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your studio?

Steph: I’m Steph. I’m producer at SMG Studio. It’s a small software development team here in Sydney. We have a couple of games that we’re showing right here at RTX: Super One More Jump our new Switch game co-published with PREMO down in Melbourne, and we also have Death Squared which is our platforming game which is basically a social co-op type of game where you work together to solve puzzles. Death Squared is available on all platforms.

Gotta love the plushy cubes all over the place for Death Squared.

Gamers Classifed: Was there some kind of inspiration behind Death Squared?

Steph: A few things were an inspiration behind Death Squared. Firstly, our developer, Pat, wanted to build a game he could play with his non-gamer wife. So that idea was firstly tested in a game jam and it worked. We saw that the game jam prototype had potential and we evolved it into a game called Death Squared.

Gamers Classifed: And what about the inspiration for Super One More Jump?

Steph: The idea was by PREMO, down in Melbourne, which is David Lockman and Brody. We saw that their game had a lot of potential. It’s kind of like what we call a twitch platformer which is crazy activity and timing-based. We grabbed that game and worked with them to make the game what it is today. We brought in 12-pixel artists to contribute themes and the rest.

Gamers Classifed: Death Squared is available now. What about Super One More Jump?

Steph: Super One More Jump is also available now. It’s available now on the Switch and it’s around $7.99.

Gamers Classifed: For 2018, is this going to be your main focus? Or do you guys have other projects in the works?

Steph: We have a few things in the works as well. There’s a few other games that we’re not showing here that we’re working on and even unannounced games that we hope to reveal soon. We’re working hard. There’s twenty of us now in the studio and we’re just making the most out of it.

Gamers Classifed: Awesome. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it!

Steph: No worries!

For more info on SMG Studio, Super One More Jump and Death Squared, visit smgstudio.com

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