As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Joker and the first Challenger Pack DLC have since been released and are playable for anyone who purchased the Complete Fighters DLC. Joker is the main protagonist from Persona 5, a fitting choice for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, sure, but how does he play? Joker is a little different from everyone else in a way that’s a bit hard to explain. To me, he feels like a cross between Bayonetta and Marth. His knife has a very short range, but his charge and slash feels very similar to a swords character. His use of a gun is also an odd choice, but it gets the job done for some quick chip damage. Joker’s Forward B feels slightly similar to Simon and Richter’s Holy Water attack, with it being a good move to use to slowly and continuously hack away at your opponents health as you set up your next move. I generally ‘main’ sword characters in Smash Bros., but with Joker feeling very similar to a sword character, I wouldn’t be opposed to using him every now and then.

I normally need to get used to new characters and how they feel before jumping in the bigger games with them, but during my time testing out Joker, I felt at home with his move-set and pulled off everything I tried to. Joker also has a Persona, Arsene, that can be summoned either – once Joker has taken a substantial amount of damage and dealt just as much, or by successfully pulling off his Down B Counter. This makes Joker’s moves significantly stronger for a limited time, and also extends his jumping abilities to save him from tough falls. Speaking of saving yourself from falls, the only tiny issue with Joker I had was getting used to his grapple angle to perfectly grab enemies and the edge after a fall, but with even more practice, that is practically a non-issue and definitely doesn’t weaken my enjoyment of playing as him. Joker is currently available to purchase and use right now for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with more DLC characters to show up in the near future. I can’t wait to see who we get to play around with next.