In our recent PAXAUS articles, Gamers Classified focused on titles from independent developers. In this article, we’re breaking the trend and covering the best-in-class gaming technology Samsung showcased at PAXAUS. In particular, this article will cover the latest Samsung curved monitors and solid-state drives (SSD). For a short virtual tour of the Samsung booth at PAXAUS , please see the video below.

Samsung displayed a number of curved monitors at PAXAUS including the 49″ Gaming Monitor with 32:10 Super Ultra-Wide Screen. (‘Super ultra-wide’ sounds like a description my six year old nephew would give but I digress.) The curved monitors aim to create a more immersive experience when playing games or watching TV shows. This is because the curved screen more closely resembles our field of vision than a flat screen does. As such, a curved screen can provide more life-like visuals which create a deeper immersive experience.

Samsung 49″ Gaming Monitor with 32:10 Super Ultra-Wide Screen. Image Credit: Samsung

Initial studies also suggest that curved screens put less stain on the eye than flat screens when conducting intensive searches. A 2017 study by Park, Choi, Yi et. al. found that using screens with 600-1200mm (24-47″) curvatures give better legibility and less perceived visual strain than flat screens. For best results, the search should be focused in the centre of the screen and users should take frequent brakes.

Some of Samsung’s curved monitors, such as the 24″ Curved Gaming Monitor, have 125% standard Red Green Blue (sRGB) colour. What does that mean? sRGB refers to all the different shades which can be created by mixing red, green and blue in various ratios.  The more colour combinations that can be created, the more detailed and vibrant the visuals. The 125% sRGB technology means that the colours stay bright and vibrant even in bright lighting (like that glaring afternoon sun) so you don’t need to adjust your blinds or screen brightness to compensate. The 125% sRGB is especially good at producing realistic dark reds and greens even in bright lighting. Yes, 125% does exceed 100% and yes, that is possible. Thank you to Charm, via the Samsung website’s chat feature, for explaining that to me.

Samsung curved gaming monitors on display at PAXAUS 2018.

This level of sRGB is achieved via quantum dots in the monitor. Quantum Dots are like minuscule, multifaceted crystals. They are a nanotechnology, and they are so small that they are considered to be zero-dimensional. Samsung’s best-in-class monitor screens are covered in Quantum Dots which can be ‘turned’ to different angles in order to refract different coloured light. This is different from traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) screens which feature a backlight and red, green and blue filters which switch on and off to change the colour that is produced on screen. Quantum Dots can be turned like satellite dishes to refract light at acute angles to produce wider colour gradients.

The Samsung 970 Pro SSD. Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung also displayed a number of  solid-state drives (SSD) at PAXAUS. What is an SSD? It’s like a super Universal Serial Bus (USB). SSDs allow users to save a lot of data very quickly and quietly and have virtually no waiting time when opening, saving or transferring files. SSDs are ideal for anyone who generates high workloads for their PC and expects fast, reliable performance. The Samsung 970 PRO SSD is approximately 30% faster than the previous generation of Samsung SSDs, and has up to 50% more endurance. All of Samsung’s new SSDs are powered by V-NAND technology and include a Dynamic thermal Guard which ensures a constant temperature.

For more information about any of these products, please visit the Samsung website. For all of our PAXAUS coverage, please visit the Gamers Classified YouTube Channel. For further information of the studies listed in this article, please click here.