Rooster Teeth were recently sponsored to promote the newest game in the Devil May Cry series and they did it in a big way, by making a replica of one of the game’s most visually stunning and a blast to use in the game, Devil Sword Dante. This paid promotion wasn’t just a quick shout out for the game, the people at Rooster Teeth’s replica show, Master & Apprentice, had the chance to borrow assets from Capcom and near perfectly replicate the beauty of Devil Sword Dante – down to the glowing lava base and dragon mount. I’m no stranger to sword replica shows with Man at Arms: Reforged introducing me the genre in 2015 (in an oddly coincidental way, with their replica of Dante’s Rebellion sword.) The big difference between this new replica and the Man at Arms replica is the materials used. Man at Arms went all out and made the Rebellion out of damascus steel and sharpened it’s edges so it could be used as an actual sword if you ever wanted to.

Source: Rooster Teeth – Master & Apprentice (Episode 6)

Master & Apprentice go the more logical and safer route by simply making the Devil Sword Dante into a non-functioning replica (and a lot safer to keep around your house, if you ask me.) It’s a joy to watch the whole process from designing the sketches, molds and testing out certain effects with it all ending up with the stunning final product they came to. It might not be for everyone, but owning and even watching the replica process is of great intrigue to me, really breathing life into the series. If you would like to watch the full video showing their process and – effectively promoting the game in one of the best ways you possibly can, you can do so by the link below. Devil May Cry 5 is available to buy right now on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 for all retailers that sell games.