At this year’s PAX AUS, developer Michael Panagiotidis, took some time out to speak with Gamers Classified about the fast-paced platform fighter, Dash Blitz, currently available on Steam Early Access.

Dash Blitz, from X-Joy Games, is based on the classic run-and-gun platformer genre. Set in a distant future where humans have gained abilities from nanite technology, the game allows players go head-to-head at crazy speeds while using characters with their own unique powers.

GC: I’m here with Michael Panagiotidis, the developer behind Dash Blitz. Hey Michael, how are you?

Michael: I’m doing quite good, yeah!

GC: Alright. So tell us a bit about X-Joy Games and the name, and how you pronounce it.

Michael: Well, you can read it as ‘X’-Joy Games but I like to think about it as ‘Cross’-Joy Games. I like to think about crossing into new horizons, is the main thing. This is my first project with Dash Blitz. This is my first attempt as a developer and what I really want to make are multiplayer games that sort of cross people together as well. There’s a lot of things that the cross can mean, I just also think it sounds pretty cool.

GC: For sure! So can you tell us a little bit about this game, like sell it to us, what’s cool about this game?

Michael: Dash Blitz is one of the fastest paced fighting games that’s out there right now. Basically, you take a little bit of Smash Brothers and a little bit of Mega Man and you blend that together and you amp the speed up.

GC: OK, so this game explores trans humanism and a little bit about genetic modification, do you think this is purely fiction or do you think this is something that could maybe become reality one day?

Michael: I think all Sci-Fi takes a look at humanity and its trends that sort of amplifies it. I think genetic modification is probably gonna happen but I don’t think on the scale of what I’m looking at. Nano machines is basically Sci-Fi code for magic, it just works.

GC: Alright. So, if people wanted to purchase this game or stay up-to-date with you, how can they do that? 

Michael: Well, it is on Steam Early Access right now, it’s $4.99 – Version 0.5 I believe … and also on Twitter, Facebook … you know, the standards of social media. I try to get as many updates out as I can but you can just follow that on Steam and see how it is going.

GC: Michael Panagiotidis, thank you very much for your time.

Michael: Thank you!

(Source: X-Joy Games)

With simple controls and the ability to attack cancel, Dash Blitz is a game that be can played by all but it can also be rewarding for those who choose to dedicate time into mastering the game.

Whether it is through scaling walls or engaging in aerial combat, Dash Blitz allows players to keep fights both fast and interesting.

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