Image Credit: Zain Ul Hassan

Gamers Classified spoke to Indie Developer Zain Ul Hassan at PAXAUS about his upcoming debut title, Brinko. You can watch the interview below. Brinko is set in a cartoon world which features the animations of Philip Boyd (ex-Disney) and music by Emmy-nominated Serial Lab.

Unlike so many other titles, the virtual world in Brinko does not revolve around the protagonist. This game world has its own calendar with set activities scheduled to happen on certain dates. Players can choose if they want to take part in these activities or sit back and let them pass by. Likewise, there is a day and night cycle which affects how enemies behave. Players can choose to speed run through a level during the day or wait until night time for an extra challenge.

Enemies behave differently depending on the time of day. Image Credit: Zain Ul Hassan

Ul Hassan stated that he specifically wanted a cartoon look for Brinko. He had envisioned ‘Disney renaissance’ visuals like those of classic Disney movies for his debut title. Ul Hassan initially struggled to find the right artist to collaborate with. This is because most artists he spoke to preferred to work in either the anime or pixel style. However, he was fortunate enough to be introduced to former Disney Animation Supervisor, Philip Boyd, via a reference. Boyd helped to create the world of Brinko, and Ul Hassan is grateful that as an indie developer, Boyd charged him a competitive rate.

Ul Hassan’s advice to any upcoming indie developers is to use Unity to create their game. He stresses that he is not a Unity spokes person and it simply sharing his honest experience. Ul Hassan also suggests starting with a narrow project scope as it will inevitably broaden during production.

To stay up to date with the development of Brinko, and Ul Hassan’s other porjects, please visit his website. For a playlist of all of our PAXAUS 2018 interviews, please visit our YouTube Channel.