LilDevilTan nominated for two awards at the AGAs
(Images courtesy of LilDevilTan)

With two nominations at this year’s Australian Games Awards, streamer LilDevilTan, who doesn’t mind being called, “Dev, Devil, Tan, Lil” but just don’t call her “late for dinner!”. She spoke with us about her love for making people laugh how she reacted at being nominated for two awards.

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GC: What was your reaction when you found out your were nominated for two award categories?

LilDevilTan: When I was told I was nominated for two categories, I was shocked and felt very blessed at the same time that people out there feel that I have produced content that they feel needs to be “showcased”. To be nominated in one category is just mind blowing but to be nominated in two, that’s just something else!

GC: So what’s the story behind the name LilDevilTan?

LilDevilTan: The name “LilDevilTan” came upon me as I have very cheeky, sarcastic, whitty, addictive personality which I have brought “on screen” as such and stand only five foot tall, hence the “LilDevil” part. The Tan part is my nickname – real name being Tanya.

I love entertaining and meeting new people whilst being the original “LilDevil” making people laugh with my quick whit, addictive laugh, fist bump gimmick and devil horns (some people still don’t think it’s a wig!).

I have an absolute blast with my community viewers and appreciate the love, support and encouragement I receive from each and everyone of them, every single day!

GC: You have been a PC gamer for over 10 years now and you mention that you started off with Battlefield 3. What drew you to shooters in the first place?

LilDevilTan: I have been a PC gamer for over, I would say 13 years now. Starting out in the Battlefield series as some of friends I knew online at the time played it, showed me the ropes and I just loved the rush I got from it. I then took a VERY big addiction to a game called “PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds” where I reached, in the Oceanic Servers, a Top 100 ranked player for one season, I never looked back at Battlefield!

I play a lot of FPS games because they are fun! It’s not just about being able to kill someone (in game of course) … it’s the scare factor, not knowing when or where you’re going to be sniped from next. I bring a lot of FUN to my games, I don’t look at games as being competitive, I look at it more of being the challenge of trying to stay alive and if I don’t, I laugh about it and how I get killed!

I do a lot of fun things in game, which the character/avatar within the game will let you do and be, somewhat of a role play – you never know what LilDevilTan’s gonna do or say next!

GC: Can you tell us a bit about your transition into streaming and using Mixer as a platform? How do you approach streaming overall?

LilDevilTan: I was introduced to the Mixer Community Streaming World by an amazing Content Creator by the name of Dz (who now currently streams on Twitch). We met on a PlayerUnkown’s Facebook Site, and I got to play with him on his stream (I really wanted to show him up, as I know I was so much better than him at the game).

I chose Mixer to stream because I find the community absolutely amazing, loving, overwhelmingly supportive, and the staff/admin team do a fantastic job at keeping the platform safe for not just the streamers, but the viewing community and I have never streamed before on any other platform.

I have been streaming on Mixer for 16 months, partnered with Mixer at seven months and have reached a very loving and supportive follower community of over 11, 000 people.

I have also invested in an Xbox One X back in December 2018, as I like to allow my followers to join in and game with me. I would love to develop my content more and gain sponsorships to fulfill a full time career doing what I love to do – entertain and laugh!

LilDevilTan has just been cartoonised, implementing a new graphics revamp with the help of a very talented graphics designer by the name of “The Haru“, giving the stream a more cheeky yet professional style.

Graphics for LilDevilTans Banner
(Graphic by Harusita, courtesy of LilDevilTan, )

GC: Is there anything else you would like to add?



“Dz” – This man is my inspiration, he gave me the confidence and courage, as if it wasn’t for him seeing my potential as a streamer/content creator, I wouln’t have started doing what I love to do now!

My Moderators (JW88WhiteTiger, MoltenLlama, Pixie666, MixerGORE, Geeza85, VeeVeeCA, YATESIE_X360, Tiglo, WolfQueen0707, Reefer-Jones, Stealurface, xABIDEx and Equilibrium6023) who a fantastic job, volunteering their time, each stream keeping my chat active, myself and my viewers safe from trolls and negative comments.

My partner – JW88WhiteTiger who supports me 100% with the endeavors, sacrificing time which could be easily spend with him of course … last but not least … My LilDevil Community! Without these people, their smiling faces and words of encouragement, I wouldn’t be so addicted to streaming and hanging out with them everyday!

I would also like to thank the AGAs for conducting such an amazing event and bringing all forms of the gaming genre into consideration. WIN or LOSE – I’m a winner in my eyes already by just being nominated alongside some very talented Australians! I wish all the best of luck to all the nominees and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

LilDevilTan regularly streams on Mixer and can also be found on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

When I’m not addressing my addiction to Overwatch, I like to dabble in the odd JRPG with some favourites coming from the Final Fantasy franchise. I’m a sucker for games with great stories and fantastic music but I also love a good nostalgia trip with some oldies but goodies. I’m currently studying Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney and as a video games enthusiast, I love being able to report on them to my heart's content.