Most played Battle Royale games

Most Played Battle Royale Games


With the recent release of Fortnite‘s new battle royale mode and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds cracking 1 million players this month, here are the most played battle royale games. While PUBG wasn’t the first to make a battle royale game, since it’s release in March this year it has certainly become the most popular of the genre. Many other games have similar game modes that have been inspired by the same concept, as well as whole other titles just for the survival game. Games like Rust and Grand Theft Auto Online show the players for the whole game, not just the survival mode they feature, putting them above the likes of ARK: Survival Of The Fittest and free to play Last Man Standing. PUBG unsurprisingly is completely off the page, while H1Z1: King of the Kill comes in second. All of these games are still gaining more and more players everyday, showing this genre is here to stay.

Most Played Battle Royale Games

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