Shiiva Cosplay as Enchantress from Suicide Squad. Photo by @steamkittens

The Australian Games Awards will be held on December 19th 2018. One of the nominees for Cosplayer of the Year is Shiiva Cosplay. She spoke to Gamers Classified ahead of the awards about her most ambitious cosplay build to date and her modelling work. To vote for Shiiva Cosplay to win Cosplayer of the Year, please click here. Voting is open until December 7th 2018.

GC: What was your reaction to being nominated?

Shiiva Cosplay: I was pretty surprised because I haven’t heard of this before. I’m guessing it’s a very new thing  judging by [The AGAs] Instagram. I found out through a friend that I was nominated. I know a lot of the other cosplayers were surprised to find out as well that they were nominated. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

Shiiva Cosplay as Cat Woman. Photo by @pixelsofshae

GC: How do you choose a character to cosplay?

Shiiva Cosplay: I usually choose a character based on my favourite video games and TV shows. Other times, I choose characters based on design, so if I really like the design of something of if I want to challenge myself. I usually choose characters who I connect with and want to portray.

GC: What has been your most ambitious cosplay build so far?

Shiiva Cosplay: A while back when I was still fairly new to cosplay, I tried to do Raiden from Metal Gear Rising which is like a full body armour, a sword, face mask and lots of makeup. I had never made any armour before so that was ambitious. It didn’t turn out how I planned but it was definitely a good learning experience and I’m hoping to make more armour and intricate builds next year.


GC: In addition to cosplay, you also do some modelling. Can you tell us about that?

Shiiva Cosplay: I’ve been modelling Trade for Print (TFP) for about eight years now. It’s something I’ve being doing on and off for fun because I have a lot of photographer friends but I have thought about doing it professionally.

Shiiva Cosplay as Selene from Underworld. Photo by @dextakesphotos

GC: Is there anything else that you want to say?

A: Thanks to everyone who nominated me for the award. I never thought that I would be nominated for something like this but I really appreciate it. I’m up against some pretty popular people. I know a lot of the other nominees personally and they’re all so talented. I don’t see myself on that same level so being nominated is pretty humbling.

Shiiva Cosplay is active on Instagram, Facebook and Ko-fi. Vote for her to win Cosplayer of the Year at the Australian Games Awards by clicking here. Voting closes December 7th 2018.