Image credit: Beke Cosplay

Beke Cosplay is nominated for Cosplayer of the Year at the Australian Games Awards (AGAs). She recently spoke with Gamers Classified about her reaction to being nominated and most ambitious cosplay build to date.

To vote for Beke Cosplay to win Cosplayer of the Year at the AGAs, click here. Voting closes December 7th 2018.

GC: What was your reaction to being nominated?

Beke Cosplay: Complete shock and excitement! I woke up to messages from friends and links all over social media about it and I got so overwhelmed because I wasn’t aware this award was a thing let alone actually being nominated for it. I feel so honoured that people thought of me and chose to put my name down for such an awesome award and title!

GC: How do you choose a character to cosplay?

Beke Cosplay: Choosing a character to cosplay is always a fun process. I usually decide based on my love and admiration for said character and/or the game, anime, comic etc the character is from, or if I’m really in love with their design and can see similarities of myself in the character. Sometimes I will also take on suggestions from fans and if after some research I fall in love with those characters based on my usual criteria I will cosplay them!

Image Credit: Beke Cosplay

GC: What has been your most ambitious build to date?

Beke Cosplay: Oh boy, it would probably have to be my Rengar (League of Legends) cosplay! It took me several weeks to build with plenty of sleepless nights. It was one of my very first armoured builds so I learnt a lot in the process about various materials and equipment. Since then I’ve been able to improve my skillset and branch out into a lot more cosplays that I once couldn’t attempt such as my Lady Loki, Tharja and Wonder Woman.

GC:Is there anything else you would like to add?

Bele Cosplay: I just want to give a massive thanks to everyone that has supported me throughout the years in my cosplay journey and to those who nominated me! It’s been such an incredible experience and I’m so honoured to have the supporters and fanbase that I do that allow me to be the creative and geeky person I am.

Beke Cosplay is active on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Patreon. Vote for Beke Cosplay to win Cosplayer of the Year at the AGAs by clicking here. Voting is open until December 7th 2018.