As a game for almost all ages, Scout’s Honor is set to bring out the the childlike adventurer in all of us with players being able to construct tents, gather food, and set up campfires – all before night falls and the ghosts come out.

One of the developers behind Scout’s Honor, Andrew Caluzzi spared some time to chat with Gamers Classified at this year’s PAXAUS. As a co-founder of INCA Studios, Caluzzi has been working with his partner Ian Nowatschenko to design and prototype video games since 2013.

As a couch cooperative game, Scout’s Honor allows up to four players to work together as Scouts at Roaring Pines Scout Camp. Players need to avoid obstacles like traps and natural hazards, while also trying to not set themselves on fire.

Requiring resourcefulness and teamwork, Scout’s Honor is an indie game that boasts a frenetic playstyle while also allowing players to enjoy a bit of fishing.

With games like Overcooked and Don’t Starve Together being well known couch co-op examples, Caluzzi said that Scout’s Honor sets itself apart from other games in the genre.

A Family Friendly Gaming Experience

While not only being a game suitable for children six and up, Scout’s Honor is a game that families can play together. Thanks to its colourful and cartoon-like setting, Scout’s Honor aims to create a memorable experience.

“We’ve got quite a vivid palate, so it’s a very visually striking game … lots of lovely character, lots of lovely music,” said the developer.

With the ability to strategically place buildings using “blueprints”, players can experience something that is different from the norm in the couch co-op genre. Plus, by navigating the environment in Scout’s Honor, players can be strategic about how they choose to play the game.

Scouts Honor Gameplay
(Source: INCA Studios)

From what we know, personality is also injected into the experience with backstories provided for each of the four scouts that players can choose between: Quintana, Covington, Saffrron and Rascal.

With the game scheduled for a mid-2019 release date, Caluzzi says that they are aiming for the game to be available on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux), as well as all major consoles including: Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

To follow the progress of Scout’s Honor and to show your support, make sure to follow @ScoutsHonorGame on Twitter and visit the game’s website:

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