RTX Sydney 2018 had local indie developers showcasing their games. We spoke with a few of them. Here’s our quick chat with BigfootDS.

Gamers Classified: Can you tell us a little about your game and what you guys do?

Alex: This is Planet Protector VR. It’s like Space Invaders but in virtual reality. There’s aliens coming down from the sky and you’ve got a whole bunch of different cities you have to protect. In this particular demo that we’re showcasing at RTX, you’ve got to protect the White House from alien invaders so it’s very much like Independence Day – just making it more and more fun!

Alex: At Bigfoot DS, we teach people how to make games and we make games as well. These types of games that we’re showing, they’re more inspiration for the kids that we teach, so they can say like “you learnt how to do this today!” and it’s the exact same stuff that you can see on Steam right now. Just to keep things more inspirational and get the kids really hyped up about making games.

RTX Sydney 2018 attendees giving Planet Protector VR a whirl.

Gamers Classified: What inspired you to make Planet Protector VR?

Alex: So, for this game in particular, because most of my work has been going out to schools and getting kids involved in that way, I noticed a lot of games that are out for virtual reality at the moment are really intense and make for really hardcore gamers. For Planet Protector, it’s dead simple: one button to do anything. It’s easy enough for kids to get into and makes it more accessible. Just making things more and more accessible: that’s pretty much the big goal for Planet Protector.

Gamers Classified: Any big plans for 2018?

Alex: Finishing Planet Protector. Because it’s still in early access, we’re just taking it to more expos, getting more feedback, doing a lot of graphical upgrades and getting more content in the game. Yeah, it’s just going to be finishing off this game.

Gamers Classified: When can people get their hands on it?

Alex: It’s on Steam in early access. Basically, it’s on Steam Store and Google Play. We’re going to put it out on the Windows Store soon as well to get more stores available. But yeah, it’s just a matter of getting more and more people out and having more headsets.

Gamers Classified: Thanks for your time!

Alex: No worries. We’ll see you around!

For more info on BigfootDS and Planet Protector VR, visit www.planetprotectorvr.com

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