Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey focuses on a time where drop bears are real, Brexit has happened, workers are scarce, and the UK government decides to raise the dead to bolster their diminished workforce. However, as most know, zombies usually lead to the odd apocalyptic situation.

Developed by Binary Space, this point-and-click zombie adventure game follows a young woman, Hope Andrews, as she tries to reach her family in London. On her journey from Weston-super-Mare, Hope comes across the blue-eyed zombie, Dave Gorey. From what we know, the encounter leads to the formation of an unlikely friendship with the undead man, confused about his new status as a zombie.

Land of Hope and Gorey stronghold against zombie enemies
(Source: Binary Games)

Land of Hope and Gorey was featured at this year’s PAXAUS and we had the chance to chat with the self-professed “brains” behind the project, 2D artist Christopher Gardula. As the first hire on the team, Gardula helped bring to life the concept behind the game. Then through some zombie-related research from the team at Binary Space, Land of Hope and Gorey was brought to life.

Drop Bears: The Australian Icon in a Zombie Apocalypse

Initially, the team tried to base the game in Australia in order to represent the country’s game development scene.

“When we brought the writer on, he decided to set it in the UK and we were all like … sweet. All good,” says Gardula.

So the team was still able to pay homage to the studio’s Australian roots by slipping in a zoo that houses Australia’s most savage koala species – the drop bear.

If the game was to be compared to other titles, Gardula said we can look at some of the games from LucasArts – Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The artist also said: “Broken Sword, although that’s not LucasArts, but our writer actually worked on the Broken Sword game.”

While Land of Hope and Gorey may not be a title for the whole family, Gardual says: “Along the way, you get roped into the deeper plot and it all starts to unravel … you’ll laugh, you’ll cry.”

2D and 3D graphics in Land of Hope and Gorey
(Source: Binary Space)

As a game featuring a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics, Binary Space hopes to release the game eventually on the Nintendo Switch but at the moment the game is scheduled for release on both PC and Mac in April, 2019.

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