WARNING: This article contains sensitive topics. Please view at your discretion.

Marketing for video games often had one thing in common, it generally targets the younger audience, some as young as 6 years old to young adults, roughly about the early 20’s. Needless to say, most of these games aren’t that graphic, whether in sexual content, gratuitous violence or even complex topics like drugs. However, we cannot deny that there are games out there aimed at the older side of gamers.

Sexual Content

Porn had been one of the biggest portions of the online world for decades. Whether it is erotic novels or videos, it is probably there in the world wide web. We can expect the same from video games, as there are a variety of adult video games that has made its way to a number of vendors.

Source: Steam

Of course, there are some mainstream video games such as Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto series that has some form of minor sexual content. However, games that explicitly focuses on adult content had been around for quite a while. I won’t name any, but I can assure you that a number of vendors do exist to sell these games within legal limits.

Graphic Violence

Video games and violence had been tied to each other in mainstream media for several years. It doesn’t automatically make them an adult only game, but they do tend to lean towards late teens at the very least.

Even in Australia, we had the likes of Channel 9, 10 and many others refer to video games and violence (though whether they believe there is a link or not is varied). It cannot be denied that there are some pretty hefty violent games like the Mortal Kombat series, but there are ratings for a reason.

In Australia, we have the Australian Classification Board (ACB), who are responsible for making these ratings. Generally, potential buyers of the product should take notice of the ratings given to the video games. If the game is rated M15, then you are likely to see some form of violence, blood and some gore.

Source: Mortal Kombat Youtube

As video games are considered an artistic form of expression, parents need to understand that there are some video games not suited for the younger audience. These video games are instead, targetted towards mature audiences that understand the themes of these games.


If you are a parent who worries about what your children are playing, it is highly suggested, that you simply monitor what they decide to play. While every ethical developer, including adult game developers, put in as many safeguards as they can to prevent unintended consumers from accessing the game, it is up to guardians and parents to make sure that their kids don’t access what they should not access.

If you are unsure if the game contains themes such as violence, drug use and other explicit material, the game studio and ACB will have a rating on the game. That rating will tell you what this game is likely to contain so that you can avoid such materials for your kids.


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