107 Projects in Sydney recently hosted the first PlayFare Indie Gaming Showcase (PlayFare). The idea was hatched nine months previously when musician Jared Underwood and 107 Projects’ Events, Programs and Relationships Manager, Jackson Morphett Field, discussed hosting a Batterie event at 107 Projects (Batterie being Underwood’s band). The discussion then turned to how Sydney’s indie gaming scene compares to other indie gaming scenes across Australia. The Sydney scene was found lacking and so Underwood and Morphett Field hatched a plan to address that.

In an interview with Gamers Classified, Morphett Field stated that PlayFare’s objective was to bring the local gaming community together. This was a creative event which blended indie games, retro games and live music. Morphet Field hoped that bringing these diverse elements of the local gaming community together would foster further collaboration. The full video interview is available below.

Once the idea for the nature and objective of PlayFare was established, Morphett Field began searching for sponsors. One of the sponsors was Mountain Goat Beer. Morphett Field discovered Moutnain Goat Beer one year previously when they created a gaming themed beer. 107 Projects and Mountain Goat Beer have collaborated previously and were happy to do so again. This time, Mountain Goat Beer had just debuted an alien themed beer called Hello Humanoid which was on tap at PlayFare.

The second sponsor was 1989 Arcade Bar which is a retro gaming bar from Sydney. Gamers Classified regulars may know 1989 Arcade Bar as the hosts of the Classic Tetris Aussie Championship. If you missed our coverage of this event, you can catch up via the video below. 1989 Arcade Bar provided free-to-play retro arcade machines which were available to the public for a week before and during PlayFare.

PlayFare Indie Gaming Showcase now had sponsors but needed featured local games. For this, Underwood reached out to his Game Developer and gaming music contacts to see if there was enough interest to host such an event. It turns out that there was. Underwood then reached out to Game Reviewer Meghann O’Neill who agreed to curate the indie games which featured in PlayFare. The final line up included over 20 games from local Sydney Game Developers which ranged in game genre and stage of production. For more details about some of the games featured at PlayFare, please see the video below.

At the conclusion of PlayFare, Morphett Field stated that the inaugural PlayFare had received much attention and there was enough interest to support a second PlayFare. Nothing has been organised yet but Morphett Field is confident that the local gaming community can steer this endeavor for itself.