This year’s League of Legends World Championship is in for a shake-up with Worlds 2018 being the first championship since 2013 that will not have a South Korean World Champion.

North American fans are hoping that Cloud9 will become the first NA LCS team to take home the trophy. While European fans are wanting a repeat of the Season 1 Championships – with two EU teams, Fnatic and G2 Esports, vying for the title of World Champions.

Thanks to last weekend’s quarterfinals, at least one western team is guaranteed to enter this year’s grand final. Also, with only one Chinese team (Invictus Gaming) in the semifinals, there is the potential for these hopes to become a reality.

Although, it is important to not forget that IG is still a strong contender in the running for this year’s title of World Champions. IG caused a huge upset, with the Chinese team going up against the number one South Korean seed, KT Rolster, in the quarterfinals and winning 3-2. Plus, with a dominant run of 18-1 in the LPL, IG is arguable the second best team in the world at the moment.

Invictus Gaming is the favourite to take home this year’s trophy (Source: lolesports)

When looking at the current bracket, we are hopefully in for an exciting semifinals.

Will it be historic? Potentially, as there is the chance of one NA team finally making it to a grand final.

Overall, it will definitely be a change-up from the usual with South Korea no longer having a chance to dominate this year’s Worlds.

This weekend’s semifinals roster places G2 Esports against Invictus Gaming on Saturday October 27, and Cloud 9 against Fnatic on Sunday October 28. The grand final is scheduled for November 3.

For those wanting to tune-in or catch-up on this year’s championships, broadcasts are being streamed on as well as on Riot’s Youtube and Twitch channels.

Who do you think will take home the World Championship trophy? What match-up are you most looking forward to?

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