Will there be a redemption arc for Shanghai Dragons next season? The Overwatch League team has just released its new roster for 2019 showing off a mainly South Korean roster.


Season 2 Shanghai Dragons will feature six new players while retaining Season 1 players: Fearless, Diya and Geguri.

After teasing an announcement on their official Twitter account yesterday, the team later today released its full new roster. 


With the hiring of a new head coach Wi “BlueHas” Seung Hwan, Shanghai Dragons went through months of player trials and evaluations to create an almost brand new team. BlueHas is known for his steady approach to coaching and his attention to detail. Being the former coach for South Korean team KongDoo Panthera, BlueHas will now be working with four players from his previous team: DDing, YOUNGJIN, Luffy and CoMA.

The KongDoo Panthera, lead by BlueHas, was known as a team that had proven itself to be a formidable opponent in the South Korean Overwatch Contenders series. The team went undefeated in Season 2 of the series but just missed out on the title after a nail biting 4-3 loss against opposing team, RunAway in the grand final.     

Shanghai Dragons new coach BlueHas on a red background
BlueHas is widely recognised as a successful coach (Source: overwatchleague)


2018 was an abysmal year for the team, with their inaugural season results being far from impressive. After going 0-40 for the entire Overwatch League season, Shanghai Dragons sat at the bottom of the ladder and became the laughing stock of the eSports world. So what went wrong?

Reports blame a mix of bad management and the choice of players. Others also blamed the team’s training schedule. The team’s manager Yang Van, said that the team would train from “10:30am to 11:00pm, with a possible extension to 12:00am” and that the team would also train “six days a week”.

The revitalisation of the Shanghai Dragons roster will hopefully allow the team to avoid a repeat of last year’s losing streak and will renew faith in the team going into OWL Season 2.

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