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Season Two of Overwatch Contenders Australia has begun with a mix of old and new teams starting their fight for a spot in the season playoffs.

Just like like Season One, there are twelve teams, with four new teams replacing teams from last season. These new teams are Avant Gaming, Bin Chickens, PIXL eSports and Dignity who are replacing NoC Predators, JAM Gaming, Alter Ego and Surge eSports Club.

Day one saw a mix of old and new teams, including Season One winners Sydney Drop Bears, who’re all looking for their first season win.

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Match One – Sydney Drop Bears VS Blank Blue

The first map of the first season match, Oasis went comfortable to the Drop Bears, with Blank Blue able to take the point, but able to hold it for long. Well timed ults like Shoyo’s self-destruct on City Centre often helped the Bears win team fights with little investment.

Eichenwalde was very similar to Oasis, with the Bears able to comfortable take the map. While BB were getting kills, it was a lack of focus on pushing the payload compared to the Bears that saw them fail to reach the second checkpoint.

Temple of Anubis was a far closer match, with both teams able to take both points during their rounds. Unfortunately for BB, they were only able to take the second point in overtime, thanks to a spectacular Dragon Blade then point save from Aetar on Genji. This overtime point take meant that the Bears had 3:14 to take a single tick on point two, which they did easily.

The final map, Route 66 saw similar problems to Eichenwalde for BB, who couldn’t reach the end of the third checkpoint. On the other hand, the Bears were able to get the payload to the final checkpoint with 36 seconds to spare, leading to the Bears taking the match 4-0.

Match Two – Legacy Esports VS Bin Chickens

The second match of the day saw the old verus the new, with the Bin Chickens trying to secure their very first win in Contenders.

Map one, Oasis saw Legacy win 2-0, with the Bin Chickens able to take the point on both City Center and Gardens but unable to hold either point for very long

The same happened on the next map, King’s Row, with the Bin Chickens unable to make it to checkpoint two, thanks largely to CaramelKoala’s Zarya and Tail’s Hanzo excellent synergy.

Things did look up for for Bin Chickens on Volskaya Industries, with them taking both points in 4:19 compared to Legacy’s 2:30. However, they were only able to take one more point in the third round despite Smiley’s excellent Widowmaker plays, leading to another Legacy victory.

The final map Rialo was another loss for Bin Chickens, however they did show they were the kings of overtime, pushing the payload through point two and three in round one, and to point two in round two in overtime, with Beta’s Doomfist helping them immensely. However, once again Legacy was able to beat them, winning the Match 4-0.

Match Three – Dignity VS Tainted Minds

The first day of Overwatch Contenders Australia Season 2 came to a disappointing end when the third match was forfeited by Dignity. The reason given for was with Dignity failing to have enough players in the server in time for the match

This is however good news for Tainted Minds fans, with the team getting it first win in Contenders, after suffering 19 losses and one draw in Season One.

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