Sweet Victory Source: Sonicfox vs GO1

If you are a huge fighting game fan and are into esports, chances are, you know what Evo is. Evo 2018 is a massive gaming organisation that focuses on fighting games.

As in every Evo event, the biggest fighting games of the generation will have tournaments for the best players coming in to take the prize. Evo 2018 had titles including Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Injustice 2 and BBTag with solid crowds. It was also a time for many major fighting game studios to reveal some of their upcoming content for their fighting games.

Tournament Winners of Evo 2018

With several fighting game tournaments being held in the event, a number of players were the last one standing after defeating their opponents in the top 8. Mousesports’s ProblemX managed to stop EchoFox’s Tokido from taking the crown in Street Fighter V with his Bison. Tokido’s momentum from winning several games from the loser’s bracket almost made him seem unstoppable till the end.

Sweet Victory Source: Sonicfox vs GO1

Dragon Ball Fighter Z had SonicFox beating out GO1 but it wasn’t a complete stomp. GO1’s team of Cell, Bardock and SS Vegeta managed to take the first game and pushed SonicFox from his Winner Bracket advantage. Despite having the momentum on his side SonicFox strangely asked to switch to 1st player and then successfully beat out GO1 with the team of Bardock, Zamasu and Android 16.

There were more winners among other fighting games; Lowhigh won the Tekken 7 with his Saheen in a teeth-clenching battle against Armada. Heiho beats out Fame96 with his scythe team of Ruby and Gordeau. Noble esports won big for Injustice 2 as their players Rewind and Tweedy duked it out for the championship with Rewind coming out on top.

Spicy Reveals

Along with the teeth clenching tournaments, some trailers popped up for new characters in several fighting games. Street Fighter V revealed G, a mysterious man with a sharp suit and a snappy hat to boot. There are a few details about his moves such as the ability to manipulate the earth to his advantage such as creating lava columns. They also revealed a veteran Street Fighter, Sagat!

Dragonball Fighter Z rolled out the base Goku and Vegeta trailers with another reveal. Cooler, Freeza’s brother, comes in with his famed masked form. As with other reveal trailers of the game, it was disappointingly short but it had some pretty big moments of awesome as he showcased his brutal special attacks.

Source: Tekken 7 Trailer

Tekken 7 had a bigger showcasing than the two above. Its previous guest character, Noctis Lucis Caelum was an interesting one so to speak. This time was something I didn’t expect. Along with returning characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, Negan from The Walking Dead was the big guest character for Tekken 7. Sadly, there was no gameplay trailer for him but it would be pretty exciting to see him and his signature bat bring out some his ruthlessness into the game.

Soul Calibur VI, while not necessarily part of the tournament in Evo, did bring out some juicy character reveals. Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na displayed some of their brutality and grace respectively for the upcoming fighting game that will be released on October 19th.

Overall, Evo 2018 had been well received for the Fighting game community as there is much to look forward to with new characters show up. Some are fresh, new and exciting while others are beloved veterans that had some of the older players very happy about.