It is a fact generally accepted that two cars, when placed beside each other, cannot let go of the basic desire to compete and win. Cars have been symbolic of many aspects of a person. Right from sleek and chic to rugged and raw, the use of appropriate cars to show different situations is a common technique of the movie directors.

Battle of the fastest

Naturally, it did not take time to gain an edge in the world of multiplayer games and it is for the same reason that as the decade marked its completion, some of our favorite car games touched and mastered new levels of sophistication and perfection to give a major adrenaline rush to the players. Gone are the days when car games meant driving dingy and caricaturish car models which were smeared with bright colors and imaginary logos.

Brace yourself for the best!

Technology has certainly called for advancement in the manner in which car games are designed and upgraded. From the graphics to the stellar performances of the automobiles, these games have made major headlines for the state of the art technology and features. So, buckle up real fast for we are going to take you down the memory lane to revisit some of the best games in the past decade.

Forza Horizon 4


One of the most amazing releases of 2018 came with the launch of Forza Horizon 4 which certainly bags an upper spot in our list of the best games of the decade. Time and again, the series has proved to be a hit among the gearheads and thus, this must come as no surprise to their fans.

AI-controlled cars!

With an unbeatable selection of some of the top-performing cars, Forza certainly drives its way to the top of the list by compelling the car racing enthusiasts. The cars used in the game are bigger and better than ever which compels you to try your hand at the game. Models like the 59-kilogram Peel P50 microcar to the eclectic Unimog, these cars are enough to make a car nerd jump with excitement. With a collection of around 450 cars, there are more than sufficient options for the petrolheads in this game.

The best in class showcases including Halo and delta wing bomber making the game all the more exciting and thrilling to play. The game is as close as it can get to vehicular perfection and requires your system to have medium-range hardware requirements like the NVidia GTX 970 video card, Intel i7 CPU, 12GB RAM, Pixel and Vertex Shader of 5.1.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

The Need For Speed is one of the most popular games in the history of car games. The hot pursuit only carries this legacy forward.

It is a 30Hz game with a fast controller latency which is mainly due to the fact that the game operates on a single thread.

Another brilliant feature used in the game is image-based lighting, that’s why you see the cars look so amazing because they tend to lit up depending upon the change in their environment.

Riding on elegance

The game lets you get a taste of the real and first-hand driving experience by assembling some of the most desirable cars in the category. You can experience the power while you drive the all-new Lamborghini Reventon or supercars like Pagani Zonda cinque. The detailing in the cars is done to perfection. From the horsepower of the automobiles to the anti-lock brakes and the navigation system, everything is mastered to perfection to create a real-life image of the cars in the collection.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is truly a class apart when it comes to car games which can make something as basic as eye flinching a major task for you! The game has a solid fan base that put this game before project CARS and F1 2016. The dynamism of the game makes the braking points seem like a major mistake and you must certainly not worry about using the chase cam either. Once the race starts, it just keeps on getting harder and harder so that only the best survive till the end.

Reading in between the lines

Talking about the detailing of cars used in the game, well it is yet another feather for the game. Apart from the high maintenance and highly functional cars, the game also brags of cars which are extremely detailed in terms of their features and specifications.

You can play it on Windows 7 and above but a minimum of 6GB RAM is recommended.

Mario Kart 8

While at the beginning of the decade, Mario was all busy fighting a huge monster and crossing obstacles, he has resorted to a much more peaceful yet thrilling experience, i.e., driving!

An ode to nostalgia

The game might not meet the expectations of the tech enthusiasts but is as fun to play as any other hard-core car game. In the context of a pure racing based game, Mario kart might not be an ideal car racing game but it certainly knocks you out with the sheer progress that the character makes!

The game operates on console’s standard 1280×720 which ensures that even when you play it on a multi-split screen, the dynamic lighting stays equally effective. But the best addition is the TV which uses intelligence to record the best performance and edits the videos before directly uploading on to Wii U directly.

GT Sport

A major hit of the decade definitely has to be GT sport or the Gran Turismo sport The game brags of a shiny setting and the animators have made it a point to design the cars as meticulously as possible so that the gamer might get a taste of the real world racing!

Nimble on nuances!

The nuances of driving have also been paid attention to and not just on the outside but on the inside too. You shall be able to feel the difference only if you are a true gearhead.

The game is designed to target 60 frames per second. If you see more closely, the next time, you will observe that the crowd is quite animatic. This is because, the developers herein have used a mixture of 2D elements with 3D polygonal characters, something which is missing in the likes of Forza.

GT Sport is supported by the latest imaging technologies and has a True HDR workflow. It is VR compatible and hence you can take a 360 degree 3D ride on space when you take head-on with your AI opponent.

By John Salazar